Almond Milk Latte

Addicted to coffee? Me too…

Shame on me, it took me a year to quit my caffeine addiction years ago but have since fallen off the wagon. I thought I knew what feeling tired was like until I become a mother late last year, so I needed a pick me up for the constant company we had celebrating the arrival of our new little man.

So like anything else, when you can’t kick a bad habit you need to at least adopt a healthier version. Instead of running to Starbucks every day I purchased myself the Verismo machine, the espresso pods and a hand milk frother to make myself a latte from home. This allows me to:

1) Cut the caffeine, 75mg/shot of espresso versus 260mg in the standard tall cup of coffee. This is important to me as it is in the best interest of my baby while nursing
2) Cut the dairy and soy, the only 2 options you have at Starbucks. My personal preference is to use almond to give it extra flavour
3) Cut the sugar and added chemicals

1 cup of hot unsweetened almond milk
1-2 espresso shots
1 tsp xylitol