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Supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients assists with approaching biological concerns or illnesses with highly concentrated natural ingredients, known as the orthomolecular approach. See our BENEFITS page for common conditions that benefit from this approach, and feel free to contact me to inquire if there are natural alternative options for your specific health care concern.

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Why Take a Multivitamin?
A multivitamin allows us to receive a solid foundation of nutrients that we are currently not receiving from our foods due to food processing, use of chemical pesticides on our produce, and lack of soil integrity. For example:

  • Processing of cereal grains depletes the magnesium content by 80% and the B6 by 50-90%.
  • Canning vegetable destroys up to 77% of vitamin B5 and B6, while canned fruit juice loses up to 50% of its vitamin B5
  • Broccoli and asparagus lose 35 to 50% of their Vitamin C in cold storage, before they get to the grocery stores.
  • Cooking vegetables destroys another 30% of Vitamin C and up to 70% of the thiamine & 50% of riboflavin
  • Up to 50% of the folic acid content in foods is lost through preparation, processing and storage.
  • Refrigerated spinach loses its vitamin C content within 2 days
Douglas Laboratories is an award winning, health care practitioner exclusive company that ensures the highest strength and bioavailability of ingredients leading to a significantly greater absorption rates than retail product lines. This allows me to enhance my nutritional programs with confidence to achieve significant results.

Most Popular Douglas Laboratories Products:

Product Quantity Retail Our Price
5 HTP PLUS 60 Caps. 47.50 40.95
A.H.C.C PLUS 60 Caps. 118.95 100.95
Brain MOOD 60 Caps. 57.95 49.95
Corvalen M 340g 71.50 60.95
Daily Core Essentials 30 Packs 72.95 61.95
7-Day Detox Pack 14 Packs 42.50 36.95
DIM 60 Caps. 47.50 40.50
Estro-Mend 90 Caps. 50.95 43.50
Weight Management Pack 30 Packs 59.50 49.95
Metabolic Cleanse 1001g 95.50 81.50
Organic Greens and Reds 240g 50.95 43.95
Relora-Plex 60 Caps. 38.95 33.95
Ultra Balance III 180 Tablets 45.95 40.95
Ultra Preventative X 240 Tablets 76.50 65.95
Ultra Preventative X 120 Tablets 44.50 37.95
Pure Encapsulations is also a health care practitioner exclusive line that is designed for sensitive individuals and does not contain any common allergens such as wheat, gluten, nuts, eggs, soy, dairy, preservatives, or hydrogenated oils. Further, their products are magnesium stearate free, and also provide an exceptional variety of vegetarian friendly options.

Most Popular Pure Encapsulations Products:

Product Quantity Retail Our Price
B12 Liquid 30ml 16.95 14.50
EPA/DHA Essentials 180 Caps. 49.50 42.50
+ Chondriotin + MSM
120 Caps. 50.95 43.50
Krill-Plex 60 Caps. 57.95 49.95
Liver G.I. Detox 60 Caps. 28.95 24.50
Magnesium Glycinate 180 Caps. 37.50 31.95
M/R/S Mushroom Formula 60 Caps. 37.50 31.95
Osteobalance 210 Caps. 40.95 34.95
PreNatal Nutrients 120 Caps. 40.95 34.95
Probiotic 5 60 Caps. 35.95 30.50
Pure Lean Fiber 343g 33.95 28.95
Resveratrol EXTRA 60 Caps. 42.50 35.60
Ubiquinol-QH 100mg 60 Caps. 66.50 56.50
Vitamin D3 Liquid 22.5ml 28.95 24.95
Whey Basics 480g 44.50 37.95
Seroyal is a natural pharmaceutical company offering a variety of high quality nutraceuticals as well exceptional homeopathic and herbal remedies formulated by UNDA and Genestra Brands.  There is over 300 nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic products synergistically formulated to allow for optimal bioavailability and efficacy. 

Most Popular Seroyal Products:

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Wobenzym N & PS

Licensed by Mucos Pharma and manufactured by Douglas Laboratories in Germany, this product has been used for decades with over 200 clinical trials supporting is efficacy.

Wobenzym® N is a systemic enzyme formulation that contains a blend of enzymes from both plants and animals that has been clinically studied for supporting numerous processes in the body. Systemic enzyme supplements work directly in the body once they are absorbed in the small intestine, and are not intended to aid in digestion. Consequently, these enzymes can be utilized to assist the body’s various regulatory and communications systems.

Wobenzym® N can help to support healthy joints and muscles, support healthy circulation, support the immune system, and also can help support processes that are involved in healthy aging. Visit for more information on the clinical studies supporting this product.

Also used for:

Allergies, Alzheimers, Angina, Autoimmune Disorders, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, Fibrocystic Breast, Gout, Infertility, Inflammation, Kidney Support, Multiple Scerosis, Osteoarthitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sports Medicine, Tendonitis, Urinary Tract Infections.

Contra-Indications:  If you are pregnant or breast feeding, suffer from bleeding disorders or liver damage, or if you are taking anticoagulant drugs (such as Warfarin, Aspirin), consult a health care practitioner before using this product.