Although nutritional counseling is not covered by OHIP, you may contact your insurance provider to inquire if such services are financially supported.
Feel free to contact us to simply inquire about your health care concern, as we can assist in deciding the most appropriate and cost effective management plan for your personal needs.

Personalized Wellness Programs

Healthy Weight Loss   Hormone Balancing Rocks   Healthy Pregnant Woman
Weight Loss & Management
Recognizing that we are all biochemically unique is imperative when approaching weight loss, thus having a tailored program to suit your individual lifestyle is essential for positive, long term results.
  Hormone Balancing
A program that focuses on treating PMS, menopause, hypothyroidism, and testosterone imbalances naturally.
  Pregnancy Preparation & Prenatal Care
Essential to address nutritional deficiencies and potential toxicities one year prior to pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby! It is recommended to have nutritional counseling before, during, and after pregnancy.

Healthy Baby
Vegeterian or Vegan Dish
Detoxification Program - Green Drink
Healthy Baby/Child Support
It is never too early to start your child on path to positive immunity and health! The focus is generally on food introduction, boosting the immune system, and general healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  Vegan/Vegetarian Program
This very commendable approach to nutrition could lead to a variety of deficiencies, and thus should be guided by a practitioner to ensure proper dietary and supplement measures are followed.
  Detoxification Program
Environmental toxins, consuming non-organic produce, poor lifestyle habits and pharmaceutical medications lead to a toxic overload in the body. This program is tailored to the goals of each individual, and can range anywhere from 3-28 days.

Psychological Balancing and Well-being   Insomnia - Sleeping Trouble   Corporate Teaching and Seminars
Psychological Balancing
Over diagnoses and labeling of mental health concerns leads to our society being over treated with prescribed pharmaceuticals. The holistic model offers alternative options to treating psychological concerns such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
Insomnia is a very serious concern affecting millions of North Americans, stemming from a number of physical and psychological causes.  Consulting with a health care practitioner is essential to discover the root cause of insomnia, and treat appropriately.
  Corporate Wellness
This unique program is tailored to corporate offices wanting to improve the health of their employees and address common concerns that lead to high rates of absenteeism.  Please contact us directly to discuss what options are best for your business, whether than be individual consultations with employees or group seminars.