Healthy Baby

Healthy Babies

Is your baby formula fed or are you nursing your growing baby?
    The answer to this question will lead to different recommendations as to how you will nourish yourself and your child.
Are you preparing to introduce your baby to solids and don’t know where to begin?
    This step should be done strategically as your baby’s digestion system develops to avoid a predisposition to food allergies. Taking this one step with a trusted nutritionist gives you the best odds in preventing these common problems.
Does your child suffer from food intolerances?
    This is a growing concern in parents today. With the guidance of a nutritionist the cause for these symptoms can be reversed or at least easily managed!
Are you frustrated with behavioural issues?
Is ADHD a concern? Has your child been diagnosed with Autism?
    Diagnosis of behavioural issues such as ADHD and Autism has increased dramatically over the past few decades without any explenation from Western medicine. Although no cure exists, there are multiple nutritional strategies and supplement recommendations that can be applied to help manage symptoms.

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