Prenatal Care

Thinking about Conveiving

Are you Pregnant or Thinking of Conceiving?

By being here today you may already recognize that starting off a pregnancy with nutrient deficiencies in not in the best interest of the mother nor the baby. Many factors like eating habits, lifestyle, and medications contribute to these nutrient deficiencies in an individual which should be addressed and corrected prior to conceiving if possible.

Difficulty Conceiving

Are you having trouble conceiving?

Fertility issues are on the rise in North America with a variety of contributing factors such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, toxicity, and obesity. These issues can all be treated by a nutritionist. Depending on the issue at hand, it may beneficial to have both individuals in a partnership to participate in consultations.

Pregnant Woman

Are you Pregnant and wanting to learn how to best nourish yourself and your developing baby?

Common beliefs such as you are now eating for two and that this is time to eat whatever you want could not be further from the truth. You could leave yourself and your baby completely malnourished, and put yourself in a position to have great difficulty getting back to your regular self and weight post partum. It is extremely important to work with a nutritionist during this chapter in your life to know which foods to avoid and which are essential. This is our specialty!

Healthy Fit Mom

Having trouble losing weight after pregnancy?

Steps toward getting you to your old self will depend on whether or not you are nursing your baby. Breastfeeding requires a similar diet as when you are pregnant to ensure your baby is getting the nutrients it requires through your breast milk. This is why consulting with a nutritionist can help you make the best informed decisions while moving in this direction.

Healthy Fit Woman