Vegetarian Pita Pizza

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean compromising on taste or your favourite foods, but altering them to ensure the meal is nutrient dense and proper portions are served.

Feel like pizza? Yes we all cave once in a while and order take out pizza but do yourself a favour, go for whole grain thin crust and skip the meat toppings and you will trim off hundreds of calories, saturated fat and carcinogenic nitrates by doing so.

Have a few minutes and want a healthier alternative? Try taking a SMALL whole grain pita (roughly 140 cals) and brush lightly with olive oil, top with tomato sauce (hopefully homemade, low salt and zero added sugar), chopped mushrooms, spinach, green pepper, onion, and organic mozzarella & parm cheese (low fat if your goal is to lose weight). Place in the oven @ 350F for about 10 mins and you’ll have a delicious pizza that is roughly 300-350 calories.

Still missing the meat? Once in a while I add some Veggie Pizza Pepperoni by Yves as I did in the photo above; however watch your processed soy consumption as that can easily be overdone and lead to thyroid conditions.

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