When can I start my baby on solids?

Introducing solids will vary from baby to baby, some are ready as early as 4 months and others well past the 6 month mark. The developmental signs that indicate if your baby may be ready to start solids are 1) Sitting upright unsupported; and 2) The loss of the tongue thrust reflex.

At this point you may get the go ahead from your doctor to start solids but I want to emphasize that your baby should genuinely be interested in tasting and chewing food. Many parents are eager to get started with solids but there is no need to rush into this milestone; your child will not NEED to rely on nutrients from foods until the 1 year mark especially if you are nursing. And contrary to popular beliefs, there is no scientific evidence showing that the introduction of solids to your baby will help your baby sleep longer for you at night. If it were true I would have thrown my “granola” parenting ways out the window and given it to my son earlier, any exhausted mother nursing around the clock would. Sorry mamas!

In the mean time, prepare yourself for the mess you’ll be cleaning up all day long! A glimpse of my son Keenan loving his peas and carrots :)

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